TheFakeG (thefakeg) wrote in republicans,

Democrats in Congress are most definitely unpatriotic

So the Republicans in Congress called the Democrats bluff the other day, and put forward a motion for the immediate withdrawl of troops in Iraq. Of course, the Republicans never wanted to pull the troops out of Iraq - this motion forced the Democrats to "put up or shut up" regarding their shrill opposition to the war, and put their vote on record. Only 3 Democrats proved to be patriots here.

Wait, you might be saying, did Fake just called Cynthia McKinney (one of the 3 Democrats to vote for this motion), that crazy moonbat from Georgia, a patriot? Why yes, yes I did - Patriots do what they truly believe is right for their country, no matter how unpopular it is. The rest of the DemoTards opted to put politics over patriotism while betraying their principles (yeah, as if DemoLiars actually have principles besides saying "Bush Lied" and "No!"), their constituents who put them in office, and their country, by failing to stand up for a course of action they truly believed was best.

If Democrats want to be known as patriots, they must do what they think is right; they should have voted for immediate withdrawal. Considering the Democrats non-stop complaining about people questioning their patriotism over the past few years, when no one was questioning it to begin with, it proves the old adage of "where there's smoke, there's usually fire".
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